Create unique high quality Cordura Patches

Create unique high quality
Cordura patches NIR LaserPatch

Individual laser patches from 1 piece according to your templates

Do you want your own custom patch? We show you step by step all the possibilities you have when designing a custom patch. You will also find many examples that you can use as inspiration. We don't have boring badges waiting for you, but a large selection of high-quality laser patches in different designs.

Those wondering what the difference is between a laser patch and a rubber patch should know that IR laser patches were invented for the army to indicate rank and affiliation to a particular branch of service. Later, laser patches were not only used in the military but also by civilians.

Laser patches have become a popular design trend for clothing. The design and shape of the laser patch can vary. They are primarily used to identify a person as a member of a group. Today, they fulfil their historical function: laser patches are used to mark military structures.


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