What materials is it made of?

For more than 45 years, the CORDURA® brand has been recognised as a fabric brand of choice for products where robustness counts. The brand’s DNA is based on pushing the boundaries of fabric robustness, offering an optimum strength-to-weight ratio and excellent abrasion, tear and wear resistance. CORDURA® nylon fabrics are engineered for durable and long-lasting performance.
Cordura has become synonymous with robust fabrics made from polyamides or nylon blends.

Where is Cordura material used?

Especially in the military and outdoor industry, where abrasion-resistant and waterproof fabrics and nylon types are needed.
The robust polyamides are also popular for motorbike clothing and work trousers due to their waterproof and hard properties.

With Velcro?

The patch is always delivered with Velcro as standard.

If you do not need velcro, you must let me know before payment. Then one without velcro will be made for sewing on.

Info – be sure to read 

Payment: Paypal or bank transfer

Delivery time : 4 – 28 days (delivery time will always be communicated by me individually before payment)

Since the patches are custom-made, at the individual request of the customer, any complaints are limited to :

– the difference in size is less than +/- 3mm

– the patch has been damaged by external influences (washing, gunshots, sharp objects, chemicals, salt water)

– camouflage patterns, have an irregular colour/pattern

are excluded.

To avoid loss in the post, insured shipping is always paid (Deutsche Post or DHL).

Complaints are accepted if :

– wrong colour/size was delivered

– defective seams

– wrong text printed by the manufacturer